Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet and Sour Oyster broccoli

 eating oyster improve sexual drive.

Do you like oyster?raw or cooked,yes it is a unique sea food and  i heard this from a Japanese ..i thought it was a joke but i searched it in the web....that eating oyster improve sexual drive..

that`s  crazy ,maybe it is true .oyster gives us many important nutrient ,it is healthy  with high levels of brain and heart boosting omega-3 fatty acids and enough zinc.
Actually i never liked the taste of oyster ,the first time i remembered i suddenly liked oyster ..when i tried the fried oyster here in Japan.called Kaki fry..kaki is oyster in is a deep fry food,coated with bread crumbs ..called croquette ..i think deep fry food is not healthy so i do not eat as possible as i can..

Now i love eating oyster and i cook my own menu make more healthier..i have new recipe today

fresh oyster
apple vinegar
olive oil
cayenne pepper

How to cook...
  First heat your frying pan,add olive oil maybe around 3 spoon...saute your minced garlic..more garlic more nutrients too..i used one clove of garlic..when you think garlic is okay ..we can now add the broccoli ...saute them together ,make broccoli half cook..and add the fresh oyster ....while sauteing them put 2 tbsp of apple vinegar ,a pinch of black pepper can add soy sauce or any spices like salt according to your taste...
since this recipe is just my idea..and i want more healthy eating than to make a delicious eating..
i don`t put salt or soy always i am doing.i like to add cayenne pepper in all my recipe .

while sauteing them,to make a sweet sour taste i put one spoon of honey...that`s all..
when they`re done you now ready to serve and ready for a healthy dinner ..enjoy!!!!!!!!!