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Japanese Ebi Fry..Shrimp Prawn..

How to cook Ebi Fry? okay i am going to share with you how i make ebi fry..

Ebi fry is a Japanese type of dish,breaded and deep fried ..It's served with tartar sauce or Japanese Tonkatsu sauce called Bulldog sauce and eaten with finely shredded cabbage and variety of vegetables....Ebi Fry is Popular in Japan .
I learned the recipes of  Ebi fry from my mother in-law,and i became expert to cook Japanese food by doing the everyday meal for my kids and husband..getting tips and techniques from magazines and television..And soon i developed cooking Japanese food. and with or without recipes,i can cook many types of Japanese food..the hardest things in Japanese recipes some are time consuming and some are hand effort miso paste ,no one makes miso at home,they usually buy on the supermarket..he he he..anyway..lets get start cooking ebi fry

Luweeh's Ebi Fry(shrimp prawn)..Japanese Food

Ingredients are..
I used 5 large size cost 400 pesos in the Philippines..half kilo of it
Bread crumbs..
Some flour..i used tempura mixed powder
1 or 2 egs
black pepper
a cooking oil..i used soya oil.

ebi fry ingredients
bread crumbs

all purpose flour or tempura mixed powder

clean the shrimps and remove the shell skin..remove the  head if you want

remove the dirt inside ,the nerve or intestine ,how you call it i don't know.. use a toothpick while doing can see it at the  back part of the shrimps

cut the some legs 

strengthen the shrimps as much as possible..give a little cut to the meat

like this

wipe with kitchen towel to dry the shrimps..

beat 2 eggs in separate bowl..flour and bread crumbs in separate plates too..

first dip the shrimps in egg then next the flour ..

do it this way.. ..egg ,flour and egg again..

and last coat with bread crumbs completely..leave the tail and the head..

just like this...wet shrimps would not stick the crumbs properly,,so make sure you  wipe the shrimps very well.

heat the oil,and place the breaded shrimps..

check the shrimps by turning it over ..

cook well until you reach the golden crispy color...when they're done..drain in paper towel.. 

And then serve in your favorite plate..and add some vegetables or look more yummy and healthy

serve and eat with tartar sauce..

yummy ebi fry..

eating time ...

how to make tartar the video below..

EBI FRY japanese food..

For the side dish and sauce..
You need tartar sauce..i made my own..look for the recipes of this..
Shredded cabbage ..with some mix vegetables ,depends on your taste
some Japanese use Tonkatsu sauce called bulldog sauce instead of tartar sauce..the reason is very convenient to use..
For more detail of how to cook..Ebi Fry..Watch the video cooking of the video image below....and How to make tartar sauce ,you can see also in the video image below..and Enjoy!!!


HOW TO MAKE TARTAR SAUCE..Video making tutorial...

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