Monday, January 9, 2012

Garlic Sopas

Garlic Soup
   Ang bago kong niluto this morning ay ang sopas,at dahil dito ay winter usong uso ang sipon ubo at mga trangkaso halos naririnig ko ang tao ay may naisipan ko tamang tamang ang mainit na sabaw.
   Pero syempre hindi basta sabaw,kailangan ang mga ingredients ay makakatulong sa mga may karamdaman..
Ang ubo sipon o may lagnat na tao ay hindi mo nararapat kumain ng matatamis mamantika o maaalat,alam nyo na ang dahilan lalo syang lalala..

Garlic treats Cold
  yes ang garlic o bawang ay isang super foods o healing foods..
read more imformation about garlic.regarding colds and garlic benefits.
good for diet too

garlic soup for cold remedy

  How To Cook Garlic Sopas
  Ingredients ...serve 2 person to 3
1 clove of garlic..if it`small,l you need 2.
half cup macaroni..wheat macaroni made is better {optional}for diet suggest
carrots cut into small 
1 potato cut into small cubes.>>.not much on potato it is not good for dieting
1 cup cabbage..cut into small thin pieces..or much better use broccoli or spinach..i only have cabbage in the ref.
1 regular size onion /chopped
1 fresh tomato / added more Vit C....usually they do not put tomato on sopas but it is my version.
half red bell pepper .optional
3tbsp of skim milk...i suggest this for those seriously on diet ..not can milk ,can milk has coconut milk and added it is not good for diet..
sea salt to taste ,limit your salt
can added black pepper...or not..mas lalong uubuhin kung may ubo ang papakainin 
Cayenne pepper is good suggestion instead of black pepper..spicy food heals allergy and colds..

more garlic is more better..


  Heat your frying pan or cooking pot..add the olive oil..about 2 tbsp .add some garlic to cook in oil...and follow up with the onion.......if medyo brown na iadd nyo ang carrots..haluin at isunod ang tomato ,together with the bell pepper......haluin then takpan for a minutes..
   You can add now  your non oil tuna fish.,haluin ulit......then ,add one cup of water...sea salt cayenne peper or black pepper....then you can add macaroni...bring them to a boil add more water about 2 cups.
   buksan ang takip ibuhos ang patatas at repolyo....bring them to cook again for a minutes.
if theyre look tender na you can add your skim milk na..
  now your garlic soup are almost done..check kung okay na..and ready to serve 

fight your cold by eating  hot garlic soup.. and also it is Good for Diet.