Friday, February 3, 2012

Healthy Breakfast "Omelets Style Oatmeal Tuna with Vegetables"

a healthy protein breakfast

for 3 person..
3 organic eggs
1 tbsp of red bell pepper
half cup of sliced potato..
half cup of cabbage
i small cut tomatoes
2 tbsp of oatmeal
some olive oil
cayenne pepper
small canned tuna../.non oil

how to...
heat frying pan with olive oil ...add the tomatoes. and cook potato together to make it tender...then add the red pepper cabbage ...

crack the eggs in a bowl and add the tuna and cook oatmeal here...scrambled  them  together add cayenne pepper to taste...
those who wants to add salt and black pepper its up to your taste..i just don`t usually use salt in my food ..

then lets go to our cooking.,if you think your vegetables are half cooked ,now you can put the scrambled egg inside the pan..pour them gently to cover vegetables and cover it with low heat for a minutes.

check it sometime if they`re okay..if they`re done..they`re ready to then on a plate and cut for one person size..

enjoy eating your breakfast ...
this is the result...
Actually this is a good  PROTEIN BREAKFAST for those who build muscles
Just remove the red yolk ,and only use the white so you need 4 eggs here .