Monday, April 23, 2012

Diet Spaghetti Sardines

Ito ay hindi isang ordinaryong pasta dahil sa mga sangkap nito , maganda sa katawan ito sapagkat ito ay low carb ,high in protein ..high in fiber............
no cholesterol ....and many to mention..

So napakaganda po sa nag a figure conscious NOW!!!!!

Sa mahihilig kumain ng pasta ingat po ,ang ordinaryong  pasta provides carbo hydrates na nakakalaki ng tyan o nakakapag pa bilbil..maliban na lang you eat with balance at moderation...subalit ang pasta kong gagamitin ay WHEAT FLOUR made pasta po ..kaya okay na okay go na tayo dito..digestive food ito so  no worry sa belly fat..Fiber food  helping to maintain our regular vowel movement.

for one person po ang dami nito subalit gagawen nating for 2 head..

hatiin naten sa dalawa
olive oil everywhere lang

para di magdikit dikit ang pasta

if malambot na you can set aside na.muna to make the sauce..

Sardines in Diet are truly special..

At sardinas sa tomato ay alam den naten puno ng vitamina bukod sa brain food ang sardinas dahil sila ay may omega3-fatty acid at calcium at protina ren para sa nagpapa muscle building.

before we cook,we break the fish into small pieces or mince it..let us also remove the blood and intestine  on it...i cannot eat

mercury toxic compound is my concern in that matt

Cut salt out of your diet..use cayenne pepper and basil for spices..

Spinach is also low in calories and high in beta- carotene,iron,fiber,calcium,protein,
and Poppeye`s strengthened muscles.

we will need garlic and onions too...

Just saute the garlic in hot frying pan with oil,together with the onion...then in a few minutes you can put all the 5 pieces cut spinach...wait them to cook in a minute then add your minced sardines mix them well......and wait to cook another minutes then add the boiled or cooked pasta...mix them well..spice them with cayenne and basil ..according to your taste............and almost done

ready to serve and enjoy...

now ready for your healthy meal...

cheese with or without its up to you....i am okay with this..

What you eat , shows in your looks...have a healthy habit of eating the right food for your body...