Friday, December 30, 2011

Healthy Ginataang Monggo

May video na akong ginawa para sa pagluluto the image below and you will be there..

Some photos of my ginataang monggo....

Healthy oatmeal ginataang monggo in honey flavor

healthy.dessert .eat all you can hindi mabigat sa tyan dahil ang oatmeal ay digestive food...

 means cooked with coconut milk  )
A Filipino dessert made of toasted  mung beans and sticky rice cooked in coconut milk. but I arranged it in my own taste and to make it healthier...

 Instead of rice i used oatmeal here...and I used HONEY for sugar ... i promise its more delicious to the original .... okay let me show the ingredient's..

1 ½ cups of uncooked oatmeal..
half cup monggo beans  toasted or 1/4 cup..i like many monggo kase
1 ½ cups coconut milk
1 cup of honey
half cup of cooked tapioca or Sago

How to cook...........

1. Toast monggo beans (mung beans) until golden brown. Remove from fire. On a flat surface crush the toasted monggo beans with a rolling pin. Discard the loose skin from the crushed seeds.

2. Boil the oatmeal with water.
3. Add the coconut milk and HONEY
4. Mix the toasted monggo beans into the sweet rice. Continue cooking until the monggo beans are cooked thoroughly.
5. Put the cooked tapioca and ready to served

And you know what!!......
  I gave my friends and tried tasting this ginataan..Hindi nila alam na oatmeal ito at may honey..
NAGUTLA SILA..sabi sakin HOW DID YOU MADE IT?..hmmm....i am glad talaga ,i made it perfect na di sila maaasiwa sa lasa....di po nagbabago ang lasa sa original ingridients..mas masarap pa nga eh
...Hindi  ito mabigat sa tyan kahit batang mallit pwede...digestive food ang oatmeal so kahit kanino pede..marami ka mang kainin mabilis matutunaw agad....okay ang diet hindi masisira.

Itry nyo po i am sure magugustuhan nyo...HEALTHY NA nakapag dessert ka pa...have a nice cooking...