Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No Deep Fry "Kamote Kyu" for Healthy Meryenda

Sweet potato snack..for healthy diet
This recipe is a non deep fry cooking of sugar added,i used honey for sugar alternative...i never use refine sugar..or white sugar...and as possible as i can,i am avoiding all sugary product...if ever  i want some sweets or desert i usually make my own recipe..
source of protein ,fiber ,beta carotene and other nutrients.

Ingredients ..
raw sweet potato
pure honey..{cut sugar into your diet..}
olive oil
sesame seed

kamote is more healthier than potato....if you want to loose weight choose sweet potato than potato..

How to cook VIDEO..

Some Photos below...
sweet potato the healthy potato..

sesame seed

honey and olive oil

in small amount of oil..cook your kamote..cover it in a minute  to tender..
and add some honey to taste..

if theyre cooked ..sprinkle it with sesame seed...and serve in a plate..

healthy and yummy...

tasting time.....

and there you have healthy snack...